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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. live doppler 7 hd, good morning check out this picking up wet weather off the coast of marin county and sonoma rotating towards marin county coast storms north have taken left turn moving back out to sea. a few sprinkles possible around inverness, bodega bay, dillon beach road, petaluma marshal road possibly towards cotati and petaluma. storms are falling apart.
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through the bay partly sunny, stray shower 50s this ending up in the mid and upper 60s by 4:00. inland partly sunny during the afternoon, after that fog in the north bay mid 60s to around 70 best chance of stray shower any time today will be at the coast starting in upper 40s to low 50s end up in the upper 50s to mid 60s. good morning. live shot of the east shore freeway beginning to bunch up, brake lights towards the macarthur maze. toll plaza no metering lights slow traffic bit of a delay if you are paying cash this morning. northbound 101 headache roadwork late picking up still out there at 380 slow past the scene traffic bunching up towards san bruno. i want to show you our waze app, accident just cleared out of lanes northbound pardon me southbound 880 at 238, heavy
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traffic by our traffic spotters in the vicinity. you can download this free app to get around traffic back-ups and nightmares, waze. today the fate of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is in the hands of the board of supervisors. they will vote on whether he should lose his job. katie marzullo is live at city hall. the charge is official misconduct. >> reporter: that's right that was the finding of the ethics commission. the board of supervisors does have the final word that word should come today, meeting beginning 2:00 this afternoon. superintendent advisers have been going over findings of the ethics commission since september. that is when the commission found mirkarimi guiltive misconduct. after he pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment. that was after the new year's eve fight with his wife eliana lopez. at the time, lopez let a neighbor videotape a bruise on her arm but now is saying she
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stands by her husband and this is all a misunderstanding. mayor lee asked mirkarimi to resign back then he refused and the mayor suspended him that brings us to today. today the ethics commission will give an overview of its findings. then mayor lee and mirkarimi will each have 20 minutes then the mayor gets a five minute rebuttal. finally potentially unlimited public comment but supervisors can cut off that time after 30 minutes. mirkarimi does have supporters they are outspoken. yesterday we heard from the other side, anti-domestic violence group held a rally at city hall calling for the sheriff to be permanently removed from office. 9 of the 11 supervisors would have to vote in order for that to happen. supervisors are saying despite high profile the case is they have not made up their mind, they are not talking to each other about it. today's hearing will determine
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mirkarimi's fate. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama wakes up in san francisco this morning after raking in at least four million dollars from bay area supporters. fourth and howard streets is where staying -- you can see police barricades, he will be leaving for columbus, ohio in a few hours. last night 25 donor at the inter-continental paid $40,000 each for a chance to hold a roundtable chat with the president. donors paying $20,000 dined with obama. the president capped night with a spirited rally for 6,000 supporters in the auditorium. amy hollyfield will have a live report on the president's visit in a few minutes. two new polls show the president has reason to be concerned. mitt romney gained popularity and votes following wednesday's debate.
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a poll of registered voters shows romney has reached his highest personal popularity of the campaign his favorability rating is 47% compared to 51% who see him unfavorably. president obama's rating is still better, 55% see him as favorable, compared to 44% unfavorable. look at this, new pew research poll shows mitt romney leading president obama among likely voters romney with 49% compared to 45% for the president. romney's biggest gains are from women voters. stay with abc 7 for this thursday vice presidential debate between ryan and biden watch it here on abc 7 thursday, starting at 6 p.m.. gas prices remain at record high prices $4.67 forever regular in -- for regular.
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drivers in oakland and san jose $4.67 this morning. governor brown has approved using winter formula gas which takes less refining, to help bring prices down it could take a few more days before prices fall. woman originally from modesto is missing this morning in yosemite national park. jessica garcia last seen saturday morning walking along a road, never showed up for work in the park sunday morning. rangers searched yesterday but found no sign of her. garcia's parents say she would often hike up to 25 miles a day. weather and traffic together next, right now live look outside from our san francisco rolf top camera looking at the bay. could we see showers right here? we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco and with sue hall in the traffic center to get your commute. airline meltdown. computer glitch stranding passengers in the bay area and
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across the country. what to expect today?
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welcome back. 6:10. pretty healthy radar returns off the coast from bay bridge inverness a few sprinkles headed your way starting to take a turn north looks like we could have sprinkles for the morning stray shower
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possible any time today. fog big story north bay half mile visibility santa rosa less than a quarter nile novato dangerous mostly cloudy at the coast low to mid 60s today partly sunny bay mid 60s to 70 inland upper 60s to mid 70s. good morning. traffic moderate headed in the westbound direction, you will find slow traffic towards the highrise, 15 minute drive from the east bay towards foster city. no metering lights yet but you will fan a delay north 101380 still jammed due to roadwork -- now reports accident south airport boulevard in the back-up from the roadwork. in the news at 6:10, ceo of american airlines is promising a better experience for passengers. american's ceo tom horton sells associated press he knows his company has had a few rouf weeks recently but says american will get past
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its problems in the middle of contentious contract negotiations with employee the, on time performance dropped 59%, replaced seats on dozens of planes over the weekend. operations at alaskan airlines returning to normal after computer outage brought down their system two fiber optic cables belongs to sprint were severed between milwaukee and chicago. crashed computers. nearly he have ray alaska airlines flight were delayed by -- nearly every alaska airlines flight were delayed. :11. still ahead, religion in america. -- new poll revealing dramatic shift in what people don't believe. fitness and fuel efficiency. impact growing waistlines are having on the nation's roads. ditch that rake.
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michael finney has new consumer reports test o
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welcome back. let's talk about delays at sfo this morning. >> 70 minutes because of the cloud cover. there you go looking at the bay bridge towards port of oakland clouds are out there and causing 70 minute flight arrive delays. live doppler keeping the rain off the shore up to the north getting close enough to the marin county coast sprinkles are possible even drizzle in
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higher elevation there. you can see rotating around that area of low pressure the parent -- the small chunk broke off pull allege way because we are losing energy that's why this system is starting to fall apart a little towards the coast. when it hits the difference in elevation that will naturally lift it that's why i think we'll see sprinkles, a couple miles inland over the next hour or so. fog concern around santa rosa and san rafael 50 there, 46 napa, not as foggy. 49 san jose for cool spot everybody else in the 50s. low 50s monterey bay and upper 40s gilroy and salinas. stray showers possible any time today best chance at the coast. big story going to be cooler than average for all of us today another chance of showers from the south bay south tomorrow warming trend begins saturday could be warmer than average sunday and
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monday. today upper 60s to mid 70s north to south across the south bay today. mid to upper 60s most of the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast, also downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, upper 60s to low 70s north bay valleys, low 60s at beaches. mid to upper 60s most of the east bay shore, we could get to 70 here and there low to mid 70s east bay valleys. mid to upper 60s monterey bay. these areas best chance of showers tomorrow. we are going to have mainly cloudy conditions and stars at the game tonight 6:00, 62 at the coliseum dropping to 57 tigers and a's take on game three. 40s and 50s tonight a little cloud cover around temperatures like they are this morning. as you look at this area of low pressure coming towards the coast now starting to make that turn to the right and slide down the coast that's why i think the best chance of seeing the showers will be
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near the coast today, one or two may stray inland wednesday showers to the south especially south of monterey bay bay another slight chance friday into saturday, sunday, monday back to average. not too late to win $49 to you from abc 7. these people want their chance: they've all ended through our facebook page you can enter too. go to then click the win $49,000 button that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the game. metering lights on there's the damage done, very slow to the west grand overcrossing bumper-to-bumper. once you get on the span sluggish incline section into san francisco otherwise no
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problems. roadwork, caltrans trying to get that picked up. north 101 at 380, earlier accident in the back-up of that, still very slow from san bruno in the northbound direction hopefully that will be improving shortly. westbound 4 slow out of antioch tonight full closure until 12:30 tomorrow morning, detour in place. right now 20 to 23 minutes towards 242 westbound and heading out of tracy central valley slowing too up and over the altamont pass, 20 minute drive to the dublin pleasanton interchange. one in five americans says they are not part of any religion. according to a new pew study. 20% of americans say they have no religious affiliation, a jump from 8% in 1990. the study finds among those who say they have no religious affiliation, many still pray, believe in god and have regular spiritual routines.
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if rising gas prices are leading to you find new ways to save gas you may want to hit the gym. allstate says the country's rising obesity level is hurting fuel efficiency. they say one billion gallons of fuel is wasted each year because of sizes. fall is here and with it falling leaves. if you are thinking about switching from a rake to leaf blower there are plenty of choices. michael finney has results of new consumer reports test. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports put dozens of leaf blowers to the test. now they can tell you which saves you the most work and the most money. tired of raking leaves? experts at consumer reports
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found the best leaf blowers lets you sweep them away with east. tests of 49 -- show power before pizzazz. don't be fooled by this info her challenge. it looks like this plug-in electric blower has what it takes to keep a smaller piece of property well manicured. >> powerful outdoor vac and heavy duty mulcher in one tool. >> it is a great concept. our testing showed it does none of them well. >> reporter: consider this plug-in ultra blower model 51599. top rated and in best buy for $70, good at sweeping and easy to use. for added -- mobility, power without the cord.
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consumer reports recommends this for $150. it combines impressive leaf blowing and easy handling. if you have a large piece of property backpack blower makes the job easier. >> it is more expensive, but extra convenience with worth the money. >> reporter: craftsman model is a relatively low priced backpack blower for $250. a solid performer. consumers reports says if you are thinking about getting a backpack blower consider spending a little more money while more expensive at $300 it delivers more and quieter. 6:21. "nightline" sits down with the first lady. the part of the white house mrs. obama says she rarely enters.
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today on katie magic johnson and kathy ireland they open up about their success in the business world, today at 3:00 followed by breaking news as it happens
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welcome back. stray shower possible especially closer to the coast 60s there into the bay 70s inland neighborhoods well below average. fargo and minneapolis, 42 and
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49, 50s and 60s east coast, mid to upper 60s seattle and portland. flight departure delays out of newark flight arrival delays nearing 70 minutes at sfo. bristol palin maybe dancing with danger on "dancing with the stars." she has been the target of death threats after suspicious package containing white powder was sent to the show. lapd and fbi on the trail of the white powder which turned out not to be anthrax. she has been at or near the both top of the leaderboard. tonight is double elimination. this morning sarah palin is weighing in as her daughter overcomes difficult week on the dance floor. hear what she has to say, coming up at 7:00 on gma. we are getting word that singer and dance choreographer, paula abdul, is going to be a guest judge on "dancing with
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the stars" next week that. should get quite a response. tonight on "nightline" part 2 of interview with the first lady. cynthia mcfadden sat down with the first lady. >> i rarely step foot in the west wing. people are shocked when they see me there. but i rarely walk in that office, because the truth is, he's got so many wonderful advisers, so i don't have the -- >> in the interview the first lady talks about how the president recruited her brother to help convince her that a white house run would be a good idea. you can watch part 2 of the first lady's exclusive interview tonight on "nightline" at 11:35 after the abc7 news at 11. still ahead and new, uc berkeley graduate among this year's nobel prize winners. research leading to the prize. sentencing day for jerry sandusky. the new statement the former penn state football coach just
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released. >> reporter: president obama is in town, again. he always manages to attract a crowd. this time some say they turned out because of his debate performance. i'll explain, coming up. good morning i'm sue hall tracking your tuesday morning commute. live look at bay bridge metering lights on commute lanes getting by carpool lanes breezing through as are fastrak. update on san bruno situation with late roadwork picked up
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good morning. tuesday october 9th. we are starting off with a few clouds, somewhere there's a little rain it may break up before it gets to us, you may
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not see it. good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. rain won't be a problem but weather delays could be an issue. 70 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. good morning. showers still off the coast lingering falling apart before they make it to the coast this batch has a good chance making it towards boudah -- bodega bay and inverness. today stray shower possible around the bay 50s now we'll top out in the mid to upper 60s inland stray shower possible any time especially afternoon mid 60s to 70 any time with that low near the coast we could have a stray shower for you. temperatures remain upper 50s to low 60s throughout the afternoon. busy morning here's sue. stall 238 northbound at hesperian blocking right lane
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slow past the scene as you head towards hayward. north 680 crow canyon accident off to the shoulder not seeing significant slowing. back to the peninsula, the waze app you can see very slow traffic. caltrans was late picking up roadwork the damage is now done heavy from millbrae north 101 through san bruno up into san francisco this is a free app you can get at a few hours from now president obama will leave the bay area following a successful fundraising visit, facing a new challenge in the polls. amy hollyfield is live at inter-continental hotel where the president spent the night. >> reporter: president obama told his supporters it is time to get almost obsessive. he arrived in the friendly territory of san francisco on a day when his poll numbers took a dip after that debate
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performance that was widely criticized, even by some of his supporters. some people told us they came out to show him support at the campaign fundraisers in san francisco, because of the debate. they believe he needs their help more than ever. he made it clear in his speech last night that he wants to win this election. >> the president: we've spent four years clean being it up. we don't want another mess. we can't allow that to happen. i won't allow it to happen. that's why i'm running for a second for president of the united states of america. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the president is in town of course to raise money. attended three fundraise earth most expensive one $40,000 per person this is his sixth visit here this year. his next stop is to look for votes. he's going to ohio an important swing state.
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he will be leaving the incondition 10 hotel later this morning -- inter-continental hotel later. it will be after the rush hour probably around the 9:00 hour shouldn't impact traffic terribly be aware, when his motorcade is on the move they shutdown blocks of streets at a time. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. republican challenger mitt romney campaigns today in iowa and ohio two of the nine battleground states. he will attend a rally 20 miles west of des moines. yesterday he thanked supporters in virginia for coming out in the rain. he dished up harsh criticism of the president's spending record. new this morning, oakland police investigating two homicides two people were found shot dead in a car last night. police say one was shot in the head, bottle men. it happened near 10th and
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philibert streets no immediate information on any suspects. in napa county dozens -- dozens of people will be forced out of their homes while the bomb squad contains entertainer. it is too dangerous to -- of ether. it is too dangerous to transport, 75 to 100 people will be evacuated from their homes as a precaution. it should take two hours. in pennsylvania this morning, a judge is expected to sentence jerry sandusky to live out the rest of his days in prison. sandusky ended the courtroom half an hour ago. he says he regrets not taking the stand in his own defense after being convicted on 45 counts. for the last three months he's been spending his time in jail writing a statement he lance to read today. sandusky -- he plans to read today. sandusky issued an audio
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statement yesterday denying wrongdoing >> the husband of a woman found stabbed to death in her home last friday may get to get into the home. susie ko was found dead by a neighbor after she failed to show up at the airport to pick up her husband. family and friends held an emotional candlelight vigil while police and fbi looked for clues to the killer. >> everybody thinks she is such a good mother figure. that's why i instead of calling her, her real name susie, i always call her mommy too. because i feel like she is everybody's mom. >> we are looking for possible small drops of blood that may have been from a weapon or just anything that might help us have any kind of leads in this case. >> authorities know one thing is missing they are looking for the family's blue subaru outback missing from the
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garage. a photo of the car and its idaho plate is posted on the family's website and facebook page. san jose fire department looking for a fire bug. at least six incidents in the area of downing in the past eight days. the arsonist appears to be targeting dumpsters. the fire has burned nearby bushes. so far, no serious property damage. this morning uc berkeley police warning women to be careful after two incidents on campus. last saturday someone used a cell phone to record a woman while she showered at sproul hall. six hours later during the cal football game a 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and robbed of her ticket to the game that happened at gate 8. weather and traffic together, next on the abc7 morning news. here's a live look outside meteorologist mike nicco will have your full forecast coming
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up and we'll check with sue hall in the traffic center. >> the american scientist with uc berkeley links taking home the nobel prize for physics.
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welcome back. live doppler 7 hd tracking this storm system just sitting over the ocean spinning and getting close to inverness, bodega bay, a few sprinkles sir francis drake road that's about it. i haven't seen measuring stations record anything above a trace, if that. we'll put this into motion definitely weakening as it heads towards the coast going to be the coast that has the best chance of a stray shower today, mostly cloudy upper 50s to mid 60s stray shower possible around the bay and also inland. i would be more worried about the cooler than average weather than the wet weather.
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big headache on the peninsula now back to burlingame north 101. looking at our waze app, very slow traffic headed from burlingame avenue northbound. why? late caltrans roadwork repaving project through san bruno. traffic spotters showing a lot of slow traffic. if you would like to download this free map. stall north 238 hesperian blocking right lane slow towards hayward. 6:40 now. new morning, this year's nobel prize in physics goes to a uc berkeley graduate and a french scientist. david wineland on your right shares the award with serge haroche of france. both were honored for their work in quantum on sticks. crediting the pair for -- optics. crediting the pair for showing
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new -- abc news has learned the u.s. embassy in libya wand a special operations team to stay -- official says the request was granted and ambassador stevens and three other americans were killed in an attack in benghazi september 11th. today the top adviser will visit libya to discuss the investigation. still ahead, do-or-die day for a's and giants. >> and, parachuting from the edge of space. the daredevil trying to set an extreme skydiving record this morning. we are just learning about delays,
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welcome back. nice to see you. partly sunny today stray shower possible any time temperatures below average 60s around the bay and coast and 70s inland. live doppler across the entire state hot spot right near our coast where the best chance of showers will be until the afternoon tahoe may be getting a stray shower and 61. 93 in palm springs. 6:44. >> that means it is time to check in with josh for what is coming up on "good morning america." it also means time to mock me with all the california weather out there. it is fair to say, it is not in the 80s out there, also fair to say not dry out there. this is when the tease becomes difficult following that great
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weather, enjoy it california, enjoy it. lots to get to here. this morning, we are looking at a race for the white house that has tightened considerably in the last month new polls showing mitt romney has surged into the lead among likely voters after that strong first debate performance momentum building both find themselves in battleground states today ohio for both. we'll have the latest from the campaign trails. also, shocking, very sad hollywood split danny devito and rhea pearlman calling it flits. -- calling it splits. also great morning, it has been a lot of fun, team robin added a new member today rob lowe took over this place today, we dug out old game show footage of him he has come to play today. john goodman, alan arkin from
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new movie argo. cavalcade of stars. it is fair to say you complete it this morning, all next. >> ahh! don't be jealous you can visit any time, all right? >> i'm gonna take you up on it. i'm taking up on that, i'm in. >> see you tomorrow. >> we have an office and army cot for you buddy. tonight begins the battle to stay life in baseball divisional playoffs for the a's and giants. the a's fight will be home in the coliseum. die-hard fans plead in front of city hall yesterday to cheer on the green and gold. -- a's play in front of a sell-out crowd. a's down two games to none to the tyingers. giants in cincinnati today, also down two games to none,
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first pitch today 2 been 37 our time giants are battling the reds and history. no team in the national league has won three straight road games to advance to the league championship series. vogelsong gets his first ever post-season start today. we want to update you on attempt to set new record by jumping from 122,000 feet over roswell, new mexico. right now the daredevil skydive is on a weather hold they are hoping to launch by 10:30 our time, the earliest according to the red bull sponsor's website. weather permitting a giant balloon will lift him sometime today 122,000 feet, he will jump out wearing a special suit and endure a freefall for more than four minutes at speeds that could break the sound barrier. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning.
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if you have plans if get up early and get out there on black friday, you may want to stay home and relax. >> jane king with why and6t -- trying to milk more out of your monthly food budget. >> milk prices may be the latest product about to go up. u.s. milk production headed for biggest contraction in 12 years we can blame the drought that has lead to rising feed costs prompting dairy farmers to slaughter the cows it is more expensive to feed them. shampoo prizes higher. -- sham moo prices higher compared to a year ago. -- flat start to things on wall street alcoa kicking off fresh earnings season after the closing bell. analysts not optimistic.
6:49 am
on the defensive slightly. bloomberg index down 2/10 of a percent. ipo success story so far from software maker boosting share price of initial stock offering to $2.26. boosting it by $2 to $26. workday delivers payroll and human resources services clue cloud computing google one of its big clients. brach friday a myth about deals. numbers crunched over six years the best time to buy uggs boots is september or october not on black friday same with popular toys. some appliances did get cheaper closer to christmas cheapest time to buy a watch is in march. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. i kind of knew that, just
6:50 am
trial and error the study just came out if you are shop enough you get a feel for that. [ laughing ] >> jane, thank you very much. >> you should get paid for that, they have those programs, personal shoppers. >> i'll look into that, thank you. this morning we are checking for any chance of sprinkles. so far not seeing it. >> maybe inverness, bodega bay still the best chance where doppler has been showing the best radar returns. most of the bay multi-layers of clouds, even a few high clouds upper level low closer to the bay area. you can see radar returns just off the coast of the north bay. we'll put it in motion, over the last three hours as we've been talking about they were going to fall apart before reaching the coast other than a sprinkle here or there, it is just about over this event. stray shower still in the forecast this afternoon. fog north bay around
6:51 am
santa rosa and san rafael, 46 napa, 48 half moon bay and los gatos 49 san jose everybody else 50s. monterey bay inland upper 40s to low 50s chilly there. forecast stray shower possible today and cooler than average for all of us another chance south of showers especially south bay and southward tomorrow warming trend begins saturday could be warmer than average from the coast sunday into monday. today 5 to 12° cooler upper 60s to mid 70s in the south bay. mainly mid to upper 60s peninsula. low to mid 60s coast today into downtown south san francisco and sausalito north bay valleys upper 60s to low 70s at your beaches low 60s mid to upper 60s along east bay shore hercules, castro valley, union city and fremont could hit 70, 71, low to mid 70s east bay valleys.
6:52 am
mostly cloudy 6:00, 62 coliseum dropping to 57 as tigers and a's go for game three. tonight 40s and 50s under a mostly cloudy sky. upper level low starting to sink south best chance of showers southward tomorrow. break thursday another slight chance friday night into saturday. warming trend sunday and monday. 80s back in by sunday and monday. good morning. san mateo bridge not bad drive from hayward towards foster city brake lights towards the highrise 15 minutes from the east bay towards the pins 238 north stalled big rig traffic -- backing 580 castro valley area big rig blocking right lane. north 101 embarcadero peninsula accident just being cleared. farther up peninsula 101 northbound delayed roadwork just picked up in the last 10
6:53 am
minutes according to the waze app very slow in burlingame to 2 , i would suggest 280, they just picked this -- this up so it may be improving. if you want the waze app, and it is free. ahead, five things to know before you go, including bay area visit by president obama. >> the abc7 morning news returns in
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good morning. what do you see here? golden gate traffic moving along just fine just a spattering of clouds. forecast coming up in a minute. here are five things to know before you go: number one, president obama getting ready to leave san francisco this morning. he will fly out around 9:30 headed for ohio after raking in at least four million
6:55 am
dollars. >> number two, san francisco supervisors set to decide today whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi can keep his job. he was suspended last march after pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge stemming from argument with his wife. >> number three, former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is in court right now for sentencing hearing on child sex abuse charges. he could get from 220 to 440 years. the 68-year-old is expected to read a statement and deny wrongdoing. >> number four giants facing reds in a must win game today first pitch 2:37 this afternoon our time. no team in the national league has ever won three straight road games to advance to league championship. >> number five, a's in a do-or-die situation at home facing tigers at the coliseum at 6:00 tonight. a's held a light workout yesterday after returning from
6:56 am
detroit down two game to none. they have to win the next three at home to stay alive. final forecast. live doppler 7 hd good morning. radar returns are ing weaker over the last three hours that's the way it is going to be stray shower possible, 70 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. 101 socked in with fog half mile santa rosa, quarter mile in novato. best chance would be near the coast over the ocean water today for stray shower. partly sunny, cooler than average. bay bridge toll, bumper-to-bumper metering lights on pretty sky, a bit of a delay past the west grand overcrossing into san francisco, sluggish upper deck. hot spot peninsula,, waze app shows slow earlier roadwork picked up back to broadway,
6:57 am
burlingame you might want to consider 280 if you are headed out now. thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. and talk about it at >> also download our new alarm clock app for your iphone and wake up to latest headlines, weather and traffic on your phone. >> thanks for joining us. see you back
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